Lego "The Lego Batman Movie" 30524: The Mini Batwing Polybag Review

The 30524: The Mini Batwing is one of the 31 "The Lego Batman Movie" sets released so far. It was given away at and at Lego brand stores with purchases of 35$ or more from the beginning of January to the beginning of February. The set comes in a polybag and contains 80 parts. It is based on the new representation of the Batwing that was in the movie that came out on February 10th. The full-size craft will be released sometime in the summer of 2017.
No doubt that it is worth getting as a promotional set for free, but should you spend your hard-earned cash on it otherwise?

Disclaimer note: I have bought this set with my own money from the local store, paying full price. The Lego Group had no entanglements with the way I acquired this set and is probably unaware of my existence anyhow. The opinions here are therefore my own; they are not reviewed before being posted here by anyone else but myself.

Out-of-the-box and building experience

I think this is where I will say the least about this model. The Batwing is built in four sections: the body, the cockpit and the wings.
The instruction manual while still fold-out in style is rather comprehensive and large for a polybag.
You do also get some spare parts, depicted below.

The completed model

The wings of the Mini Batwing can be posed at any angle with the help of the hinges on either side of the main body section, which is covered with smooth curves and some texturing such as 1x2 grilled slopes and light-sabre hilts for what I assume are some type of weapons on the Minifigure-scale Batwing model.
Of course, it being a Batman-vehicle (and called "Batwing") influenced the overall shape and design of the thing, especially when seen from a top view. It immediately brings to mind Batman's symbol and the silhouette of a bat in general. The shaping is absolutely fantastic, with the wings represented by the wings of the plane, the body being the body and the front cockpit attachment being the head.
Speaking of the wings, these can be folded up vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. A slightly-angled-down variation is the only one seen in advertisements and on the packaging of the polybag, which makes sense as they look the best as such, in my opinion.
The detailing, like the solid black NEXO Power pieces and sloping, is superb. The exposed studs actually add some nice texturing too. Each wing is lined with red which offers a nice splattering of colour in the otherwise monochromatic model.
From the underside, there is not much to see. It is rather ugly, though I suppose you won't be displaying the craft with it visible.
The head is attached firmly between a "telescope"-like brick in light bluish-grey and a white modified 1x2 plate with a bar at the front of the body. It slides right on, blending in with the rest of the craft marvellously and leaving no gaps.
I appreciate the angling of the sides of the head using the new black wedge plates, as well as the splash of trans-yellow in the windscreen glass using two cheese slopes. Two 1x2 slopes form the ears at the top of the head, or front of the cockpit (depending on the angle you are viewing the Batwing from).


The Mini-Batwing is a nice little set: sleek and ideal for display.
For free, it makes a great addition if you are planning to whatever haul you are planning on getting this month at the LEGO Store or online. And to be honest, why wouldn't you plan on that?! There are plenty of great new 2017 sets available now! (that I have yet to start reviewing... shame on me)
But actually buying this set? Like... spending money on it?  I would not recommend doing that, unless you enjoy collecting micro-scale vehicles or if you are a LEGO Batman Movie theme or polybag completist. But if you do, I have a feeling you will really like this one.